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The confusion between Sharara and Gharara

People tend to get confused between Sharara and Gharara and they mix them up very often. Lets look at the similarities and differences between the two.

The Similarity

Each one is a bottom wear for women that fits the hips and then divides from crotch to feet , just as in western pants. Both were worn as part of royal dresses during Mughal era in India.

The Difference

Sharara is loose fit and flares out from the crotch to the feet on each leg. It may not have any joint or may have one or more joints on the way down where the lower section is more flared than the above.

Sharara Suit

On the other hand, Gharara flows from crotch to the knees while closely fitting the thighs and then starts flaring from each knee to foot. There is a joint at the knee, where, the half below the knee is quite flared at one end and the other end is joined to the narrow upper half through gathers. The joint at the knee is hidden by a band of lace around it.

Gharara Suit

The Sharara is believed to be originated in the middle east and was introduced to the Indian sub continent by the Mughals. Gharara is a modified version of Sharara that originated in Lucknow, India.

In current fashion, both are very popular ethnic party wears and a must have dress in bridal trousseau.. Designers play around to combine these bottoms with different tops such as peplums, straight & flared kurtas, blouses, etc.

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