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Ethnic Georgette Dress this Festival Season in Eight Different Colors

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The Festival season in India starts with Teej followed by Raksha Bandhan , Navratris, Karwa chauth and many more till Diwali. Dresses for these occasions are vibrant reflecting the joyous and colorful spirit. Traditionally worn dresses are Lehenga Choli, Ghagra Choli, Sarees and salwar suits but Palazzo suits and Sharara Suits have become very popular lately. Celebration of festivals like Navratris involves energetic dances, music, and festivities that take place over a span of nine nights and ten days. Women prefer dresses that are easy to carry without loosing the magic of traditional outfit.

The ethnic dress we are talking about is crafted out of fine faux Georgette. It is a one piece dress with rose golden foil print and an overlay adorned generously with rhinestones. This combination gives it an appearance of a Kurti paired with a ghagra or a skirt. The front and back overlays is held together with a set of strings or Doris that are accessorized at the end with golden tassels and Latkans. By default, it is sold as a sleeveless dress, but 3/4th length sleeves are optionally attached for those who wish to stick with their traditional values. A plain stoll with foil print on the border width compliments the dress. The falling fabric of Georgette makes the dress flow very elegantly. You are going to have fun time with every dance move.

Festival dresses are a visual feast of colors. Naari Collections offers these dresses in eight different colors.


Teal color is a combination of Blue and Green. It symbolizes vastness of sea and the sky. The overlay has rhinestones arranged in ethnic floral patterns around the neck and isolated patterns all over. The inner part has floral foil prints in rose gold color. This colors stands out in a crowd and is sure to turn heads.


Traditionally, yellow has been customarily worn during Basant Panchami but the vibrancy and warmth of yellow makes it irresistible for any festive occasion. Yellow color also signifies happiness, intellect and purity which makes it one of the preferred colors for religious ceremonies in India.


Maroon color combines the passion of red and earthiness of brown. It portrays seriousness and looks more luxurious and sophisticated. This dress will go with any festival occasion such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Karwa chauth, Navratris, Diwali, etc. Like other colors in this collection, this dress is also decorated with rhinestone floral patterns and rose gold foil print,


Green color represents devotion, abundance, growth, longevity and good health. Women in India pray for longevity of their husbands on Teej and green is particularly worn on this occasion. Green is also popularly worn on one of the pre-wedding functions called 'Mehendi ki raat'.


Pink color represents femininity and it is hard to resist dresses in pink. The onion pink has a touch of pastel that makes it uniquely different from other traditional colors. It goes with every festival occasion, be it Navratris or Karwa chauth or Diwali.


The neutral and earthy color of Olive is for those who do not wish to go for bright colors. It also symbolizes versatility and a sense of fashion-forwardness. An elegant outfit for semi-formal occasion or a wedding function.


Again, Magenta represents femininity in Indian culture and makes it a perfect dress for Karwa chauth, especially the newly weds.


Last but not the least is the Mehndi color. Though its a great choice for any festive occasion, it goes without saying that it is a perfect dress for a pre-wedding function of "Mehendi ki raat".

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