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Five Muslin Dresses for Style and Comfort

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Many people probably don't know that Muslin is not a fiber. It is a fabric woven mostly using cotton fiber. The one using one hundred percent cotton fiber is referred to as Muslin Cotton. Since Muslin is a fine cotton fabric, it is light weight and very comfortable to wear in summers, especially in tropical climate of India. These days muslin is made using cotton along with silk, viscose or polyester to give it a sheen. This enhances the look of the fabric which can be used to make dresses for formal occasions. Naari Collections brings you some elegantly designed Muslin dresses that are very comfortable and also make a style statement.

Coffee Brown and Purple Dress

Plain Coffee Brown Muslin dress with a couple of layers in the front in Fuchsia Pink and Dark Brown forming an overlay with a slit. Floral motifs in pastel colors give it an exotic look. The Fuchsia Pink layer creates a contrast and dark metallic Buttons running down the yoke for an earthy look. Drapes very beautifully and can be worn as a casual Office wear or as a dainty evening party dress.

Green and Rust Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is a captivating embodiment of nature's harmony, mixes the natural hues of green and the warm, earthy tones of rust. Crafted from the finest muslin fabric, it drapes elegantly, with slightly A-line silhouette that gracefully flows with every step. There is split between printed and plain green with rust layer peeping between the slit. The neckline is simple round accessorized with wooden and metal beads along the neckline, held together with thread work. Suitable for any occasion , whether you're strolling through a sunlit garden or attending a laid-back outdoor gathering, or simply seeking an expression of your connection to the natural world.

Tie-Dyed Muslin Dress with an Overlay

The shades of beige and brown form a natural and earthy combination evoking simplicity. A printed overlay in the front yoke extending till the hemline perks the dress up. Chinese collar conveys the sense of demureness and modesty. Sparingly done embroidery in sequins, beads and thread work gives a classic touch. A metallic broach at the waist blends beautifully with the dress theme. It is versatile dress, suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. It can be dressed up or down with accessories, shoes, and a clutch.

Tie-Dyed Dress with a Shrug Style Overlay

Tie-dye is a textile art technique where fabric is folded, twisted, or tied with strings to create patterns and designs. The fabric is then dipped or dyed in various colors (Beige and Fuchsia Pink in this case). A brown overlay in the front with a beautiful aztec print border running along the edge gives a raised collar and a shrug look. A metallic and plastic pendant serves as a subtle but sophisticated accessory. Suitable for shopping, casual gatherings, outdoor events, or even as a dressed down office wear.

Floral yoke with multi-colored overlays

The artful arrangement of color overlays along with vibrant floral print on the yoke makes this dress visually captivating. The dark metal accessories on the yoke and neckline balance the vibrant colors with an earthy touch. Very comfortable to carry and drapes beautifully. Flows elegantly as you walk. Whether worn to an outdoor afternoon party, a sophisticated soiree, or an intimate gathering, this dress is a conversation starter, a celebration of individuality and the beauty of diversity. Looks best when paired with heeled sandals.

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