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Types of Sleeves in Women Clothing

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The are many different styles of sleeves used in women dresses to suit different occasions and sometimes for comfort. Lets explore a few popular sleeves in the fashion industry.

1. Puffed Sleeves Puffed sleeves are a type of sleeve that have a full and round shape, giving the appearance of a "puffed" look. They are usually made by adding gathers or pleats at the top of the sleeve near the shoulder, creating a full, billowy shape. They are typically seen in dresses, tops, and blouses.

2. Cap sleeves Cap sleeves are a type of short, round sleeves that cover only the upper part of the shoulder, ending just above the upper arm. They are typically seen in casual and summer clothing. Cap sleeves are often used in T-shirts, sundresses, and blouses, and gives a sensuous touch.

3. Cold-shoulder sleeves Cold-shoulder sleeves are a type of sleeves in which the upper part of the sleeve, near the shoulder, is cut out or partially cut out, exposing the shoulders. This type of sleeves is typically seen in tops, dresses, gowns and some blouses. The cold-shoulder style is considered a fashionable and stylish way to show off the shoulders and arms, while still providing coverage to the upper arm and elbow.

4. Raglan sleeves Raglan sleeves are a type of sleeve design that extend in one piece from the collar to the cuff, with seams running from the underarm to the neckline instead of down the arm. This creates a more relaxed and comfortable fit, as the seams are not on top of the shoulder. Raglan sleeves are commonly found in casual wear, athletic wear, and outdoor clothing. The design provides greater mobility and ease of movement, making it popular for athletic or outdoor activities.

5. Kimono sleeves Kimono sleeves are a type of sleeve that is wide, loose and have a flowing appearance, similar to the traditional Japanese garment, the kimono. They are often seen in bohemian, ethnic or casual styles of clothing and are characterized by their exaggerated width and lack of structure. They typically start from the neckline and drape to the wrist, providing a comfortable and relaxed fit. Kimono sleeves add a unique, flowy look to a garment, making it perfect for summer wear or as a fashion statement.

6 .Flared Sleeves Flared sleeves are wider at the cuff than at the shoulder, creating flowy silhouette. They can be found on common in maxi dresses and midi dresses. Flared sleeves are further sub categorized as follows:

  • Bell sleeves The shape of the sleeve resembles a bell, hence the name. This sleeve is fitted from shoulder to elbow and then flares out towards the wrist. Bell sleeves are common in midi and maxi dresses, tunics and blouses. They add a bohemian touch to an outfit.

  • Trumpet sleeves Trumpet sleeves are similar to bell sleeves except that start flaring out from the shoulder till the wrist, giving it a look of a trumpet. These sleeves create a very playful look.

  • Bishop sleeves Bishop sleeves are a type of sleeve that is full and flared, with gathers at the cuff and a tight fit at the armhole. They are named after the wide sleeves of the robes worn by bishops in the Christian church.

  • Lantern sleeves Lantern sleeves are a type of sleeve that billows out between wrist and the elbow with gathers around the wrist. They are typically found on dresses, and other garments and provide a relaxed and comfortable fit. The name "lantern sleeves" comes from their shape, which is similar to the shape of a lantern. They typically have a gathered or ruched top and are often cinched in at the wrist, creating a dramatic, billowing effect.

  • Leg-of-mutton sleeves Leg-of-mutton sleeves are a type of sleeve style that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are characterized by their large, puffy upper arm portion that narrows down towards the wrist, giving the appearance of a leg of mutton. This style was often seen in Victorian-era clothing, and has since become a vintage or retro-inspired look. Leg-of-mutton sleeves add volume and drama to a garment, and can be paired with a variety of different necklines and silhouettes.

  • Butterfly Sleeves and Flutter Sleeves A short flare that resembles butterfly wings and extends from the shoulder to the elbow. Similar to the Butterfly Sleeves, Flutter Sleeves are like a shorter version. They have a similar shape to the top of their pattern design, but they aren't as long and are usually cut a little wider.

So ? which sleeve type are you going to try next ? :)

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